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Laboratories are a seed ground where students get to explore, question,invent and deduce findings and learn in a collaborative way. The Science laboratory experiences provide opportunities for students to interact directly with the material or with data drawn, using the tools, data collection techniques, models and theories of science. Our labs are well equipped with the latest apparatus This helps students to get the opportunity to participate in laboratory investigations in a safe environment.

Physics Lab

There are two well-equipped Physics laboratories which can cater to 25 students each of the Senior and Middle school respectively. There is a provision for all the children to conduct their experiments individually. Many working models are displayed for different experiments. Each laboratory has a qualified lab assistant. All safety measures are taken care of. Routine stock-taking is done to ensure that the labs are in perfect order.

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Chemistry Lab

There are two Chemistry labs to cater to the Senior school and Middle School. Both the labs are well-lit , well equipped and can accommodate 20-25 students. The children can conduct practicals individually. The Class XII students also conduct investigatory projects apart from the usual testing and analysis.In the junior lab there are provisions to demonstrate a lot of experiments. Many charts and models are displayed and used as teaching aids. Both the labs are managed by qualified lab assistants who help the students to perform experiments safely.

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Biology Lab

The Biology labs are well- structured, well-lit and well-equipped. There is no dearth of material and children are encouraged to explore the mysteries and understand difficult concepts of the subject through experimentation. The children are also taken outdoors to study the flora and fauna. The school garden is an ecology lab by itself. The gardeners supply the lab with live materials like plants and insects. All kinds of rooting, grafting, germination procedures and chromatography are also executed in the Biology labs.

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Computer Lab

The school offers 2 computer labs. All the computers are configured with the latest operating systems. The labs are LAN connected to facilitate internet use as and when required. The labs are managed by computer teachers. Children from classes III-XII use the labs. Children who have a flair for computers and are keen to learn more are encouraged to use the systems during the recess and Class Teacher periods.

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Dance Room

The teachers train the children as they embark on a journey of discovering their inner sensibilities as they perfect the finer nuances of this art form. An annual grand dance drama ‘KALARANJANI’ is staged every year. It is a spectacular event with evocative dancers synergising the modern with the traditional with fluid elegance and impeccable grace.

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Music room

1. Indian Vocal Music Rooms

The teachers work with devotion to teach their students virtuosity in music whilst they are in constant pursuit of unearthing new talent and moulding singers with a consummate mastery of musical techniques.

2. Indian Instrumental Music Rooms

These rooms are cradles for highly accomplished musicians who dazzle everyone with their technical prowess.

3. Western Music Rooms

The Department has been the crucible of some of the best singers and musicians. Students are encouraged to not only achieve proficiency in technical skills, but are inspired to nurture a passion for music and a penchant for perfection. The students are encouraged to create their own compositions. The school band ‘Livewire’ has been winning an impressive array of inter school prizes for more than a decade.

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A library opens the portals to the infinite world of knowledge. The myriad books in the Junior and Senior library transport us back to history, help us to delve into the unknown mysteries of the world and widen our world view. A library of wisdom, is more precious than all wealth, and all things that are desirable cannot be compared to it. Whoever therefore claims to be zealous of truth, of happiness, of wisdom or knowledge, must become a lover of books. The libraries are open from 8.00am till 1.40pm for student and staff use. There is a computerized catalogue to assist with finding material together with a wide range of resources, including computers, CD/DVD’s and talking books (cassette tapes). The center has a large reference section and carries a variety of newspapers and magazines. The aim of the center is to provide a lively research area within the school for study and reading. A library teacher is present throughout the day, to assist with individual research and to supervise the smooth running of the library facilities. The library has more than 25,000 books, 20 periodicals, volumes of Encyclopaedias covering a wide range of topics including Academics & Career Guidance. There is a Book Club- ‘The Literati Cubs’ which consists of students from Classes VI-IX. There are around 5000-7000 books in the Junior Library , including fiction and non-fiction books.

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Audio Visual Room

The AV room has a television set and a DVD player. A dynamic, innovative, ingenious and avant garde teacher improvises and devises different methods to make the topic being taught more vivid, concrete and easy to understand. The teachers plan and schedule some of their lessons in such a manner that the students are taken to the Audio Visual room to watch television programmes. A lesson on the Parliamentary system of governance can be taught more effectively by watching a live telecast of the Parliament in session. Similarly a Geography or Science class can be vitalized and vivified by a programme ,a film or presentation.

The school has staged many Broadway musicals and adapted many Hollywood films into plays. That’s the time when the actors throng the AV Room to watch the films ,learn and of course craft their signature style of acting.

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Art & Craft Rooms

The Art Department of Somerville NOIDA has three Art rooms to cater to the Junior, Middle and Senior school. The rooms are a kaleidoscope of colour, imagination and creativity .The objective of the Department is to teach students to interpret their thoughts and emotions, to fly on the gossamer wings of ingenuity and learn to showcase them in realistic and fusion art, with the use of different techniques .The budding artists explore their talent through painting, book cover designing, poster making, sculpture, mosaic work ,ceramics and glass painting. The department organises trips to Art Galleries and Museums.

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